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Financial Times Sarkozy’s win comes at long-term price October 29, 2010 This article talks about how it is clear that Sarkozy won the battle over the pension bill  quite dominantly because the protests and strikes were fairly short lived.  The article talks about  how his win with this bill has won great support from his side of the political establishment,  which he is going to greatly rely on for reelection in 2012, but has not fared so well with the  moderates or the left.  With the moderates it is not so much the bill but how the bill was passed,  without Sarkozy making any compromises, which many saw as unnecessary.  The socialists have  been and plan to continue running with this attack, portraying Sarkozy as authoritarian, but the 
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Unformatted text preview: sot’s lacked a credible plan of their own to solve the budget crisis, which negatively affects them. This article shows the political culture and shift that has happened in Europe fairly recently. That is a shift from the left center to the right center. This switch has left many to be very cautious about authoritarian abuse of power. This article really shows that the political ideology of Europe can and often does change on a whim, but for now it is based in the center right and the left is trying to attack any way they can to try to change that view....
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