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POL 333 Journal 8 - European governments cannot promise...

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Financial Times Eurozone Politics October 29, 2010 This article talks about the politics that is going on in the Eurozone regarding what has  happened and is happening in Greece, Ireland, and Portugal.  Portugal has suspended talks about  their budget, reform in Greece is meeting great resistance, and Ireland does not have the ability to  make the cuts necessary in their budget.    This has led to many of the European governments  becoming weak and unpopular, which of course has led to unstable markets.  Examples of the  weak governments are the Dutch government and the lack of a government in Belgium.  The  author talks about how growth is necessary for economic recovery and that is the one thing the 
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Unformatted text preview: European governments cannot promise. This article raises awareness about the European Union. Is the Union controlling too much of the member states governments to the point where they cannot rule properly and create growth in the economy? In turn, is that what is creating weak governments? Are the economic requirements for the European Union too dramatic for many of the smaller countries economies to handle? These are all questions this article has brought to the light and these are issues the EU will need to be seriously looked at and solved in order to continue the dream that so many countries in the EU have of a united Europe....
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