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POL 333 Journal 9 - investing Again this article shows the...

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Financial Times Debt costs jump for Lisbon and Dublin Investors take fright over bail-out proposals Borrowing cost rises fulfil Trichet’s forecast November 2, 2010 This article reveals that borrowing costs have shot up in Ireland and Portugal after  proposals have been made for them to take more losses in future state bailouts.  The article also  talks about that a restructuring of the Euro has always been an option if need be.  The article  talks about how the European Central Bank president criticized Germany’s plan for debt  rescheduling for the member states.  Lastly, the article shows that even though the cost of  borrowing has greatly increased in Greece, yields have risen by more than one percent, and that  Ireland, Greece, and Portugal are likely to avoid bond defaults because of strong domestic 
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Unformatted text preview: investing. Again, this article shows the economic crisis that is striking Europe and especially the member states of the European Union. It also again is showing that Germany is taking the blunt of this crisis by basically having to pay for everything, and when they try to make policy that lifts their burden they are criticized by an organization of the EU. This particular incident shows that the solely cares about the overall well being of Europe and no one nation in general. This attitude has and will continue to cause problems if not properly settled. This just shows how difficult it really is to run an organization where the economies of the members are so dependent on each other....
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