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POL 333 Journal 10 - This article shows a couple different...

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Financial Times Cameron aims for pivotal European role Overtures to France and Germany Plan to provide EU leadership November 2, 2010 This article discusses how David Cameron is meeting with French President Nicolas  Sarkozy in an effort to improve Anglo-French relations.  He recently also met with German  Chancellor Angela Merkel for the same reasons as meeting with Sarkozy.  Cameron knows that  good relations with France and Germany is necessary in order to get anything done in the  European Union.  There is a lack of leadership in the European Union and the three leaders of  these countries feel it is their job to provide that leadership.  All three of them are conservatives  and have agreements on many policy issues such as, defense, the economy, and energy policy.  
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Unformatted text preview: This article shows a couple different important events that are going on in Europe. The first is that Britain is moving its alliance more closely with its fellow major European nations, and the British leaders realize that this has to be done so they can influence policy that will affect them in the European Union. The second event is that for the first time in a long time all three major nations, Great Britain, France, and Germany have very good relations with one another and agree on many different policy issues, and with this agreement there may be a push for some policy changes that the more conservative based leaders are looking at....
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  • Fall '10
  • Dr.Mason
  • good relations, European Union., French President Nicolas, pivotal European role, Sarkozy.  Cameron, different important events

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