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Financial Times Entente frugale UK-French deal on procurement makes sense but is hard November 4, 2010 This article talks about how the plan to share military equipment is necessary for both of  these nations, because they are each facing large budget cuts, especially in the way of defense  spending.  The problem arises when the nations try to share in areas that they do not have  common ground in.  To avoid this, the nations should start with aviation, more notably unmanned  aircraft, because if they don’t combine their resources they could lose the capability all together,  or have to buy from the United States.  This makes the idea of sharing military capability not as  job creation anymore, but as necessary to maintain capability in some areas.  Co-operation is 
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Unformatted text preview: necessary on both sides and they should start small and work their way up to sharing major equipment. This article shows that major economic policies that are being enacted in Europe are causing nations to become more united, in this case by sharing military equipment. This also makes the idea of a common European Army more realistic because two of the major nations will already have been sharing and co-operating with one another. This also shows that some of the economic policies of the European Union are too expensive for some of the nations and to counteract them, major budget cuts are being pushed through, which in turn makes the countries lose a little more of their sovereignty, like we see here....
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