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Financial Times Germany spreads benefits of revival to neighbours in east The country’s rising imports are being supplied by Polish and Czech factories November 12, 2010 This article discusses that since Germany is experiencing growth, they are importing  more and that is positively affecting the economies in east Europe because Germany is buying  and importing from them.  This has been the case for many Polish, Czech, and Hungarian  factories that produce machinery.  German imports are playing a huge role in the recovery of  Europe, especially in Eastern Europe.  Eastern Europe has always had a strong industrial factory  based market, and since Germany started investing in the east only good things have happened in  these countries.
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Unformatted text preview: This article shows the good that is happening to some countries that have joined the European Union. The east struggled for a very long time under communist rule, living in very poor conditions with extremely weak economies. Many people did not think it would be possible for all of those Eastern European nations to join the European Union successfully, because democratic and capitalist institutions literally had to be created by the IMF and the EU in a lot of those countries prior to joining the EU. However, as this article points out, it has been quite successful for a lot of those eastern countries, and the institutions that were created are doing very well and in fact are thriving....
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