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POL 333 Journal 16 - talks about how if Europe keeps...

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Financial Times Turkey’s challenge to Old Europe November 12, 2010 This article talks about how Turkey is becoming a major player on the world scale.  The  article argues that this is scaring the European powers and that they liked it much better when  they could just ignore Turkey because they had a backwards political system.  The article also  talked about how Turkey still has the goal of joining the European Union, but they see this as a  goal that can be reached decades down the road, and don’t see it happening any time soon.  Because they don’t see this happening any time soon, the Turkish government has turned  eastward to mend broken relationships and to create new allies.  These new allies however, are  not necessarily beneficial to the United States or Europe, for example Turkish and Israeli  relations are strained now because Turkey voted against sanctions for Iran.  Lastly, the article 
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Unformatted text preview: talks about how if Europe keeps pushing Turkey away then they will lose all the power they could have gotten from becoming close friends and allies with Turkey. This article shows the problem the European Union is facing in regards to who they will allow to be part of the Union and some of the consequences that could happen if a country is ignored as a possible candidate. It also shows that the EU is standing its ground on the democratic requirements that are necessary for membership in to the EU, because Turkey has a long way to go before they can really be considered democratic. It is also interesting that this case can be seen as a precedent that the EU will not expand outside of Europe, or maybe that it will not expand to certain regions....
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