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POL 333 Journal 21 - elected All of these areas have for...

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The Economist A special report on Turkey Anchors aweigh October 21, 2010  This article discusses the immense progress Turkey has made over the past decade,  progress economically and politically no one thought was possible to achieve in such a short  amount of time.  It talks about how the progress made has not gone unnoticed; Turkey is now a  member of the G20 club and had a temporary seat in the United Nations Security Council in  2009-2010.  All of this progress seemed to make Turkey a legitimate candidate for becoming a  member of the European Union, but there are some very troubled spots that exist and until those  are solved Turkey will most likely never become part of the European Union.  Some of those  areas are handling of domestic and foreign terrorism, the inflation the economy is experiencing,  and the politics of not having a conservative Muslim in office, and what could happen if one gets 
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Unformatted text preview: elected. All of these areas have, for most Turks, brought about the belief that they will not be accepted into the European Union anytime soon. This article shows that the European Union may have reached all the members it wants for right now, with an economic crisis happening I don’t think the European Union can afford to accept a country that is not very strong economically. There are still many aspects about the Turkish government that are not fully democratic and it seems to be that the European Union is standing firm on that requirement. The European Union may also be using this case as an example showing they will not expand the EU beyond the scope of Europe. Whatever all of this means, one thing is for certain; the European Union does not think Turkey is ready to share in the vision of a united Europe....
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