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The Economist Spare them the rod October 18, 2010 This article discusses the policy change that Germany has backed with the French.  It has  to do with sanctions against countries that go over 3 percent total GDP debts.  The French and  the Germans have been at odds about this, the Germans wanting strong sanctions, and the French  wanting more leniencies.  Now the Germans have come into agreement with the French.  This act  was quite controversial and many are frustrated by it.  Some feel as though it is very  counterintuitive to make a crisis resolution plan, but not hold the governments that spend  uncontrollably responsible.  This article raised two questions, how much will the French be able 
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Unformatted text preview: to water down the sanctions, and what did the Germans get in return for their cooperation? This article is significant because it shows the relationship the Germans and the French have. It shows their relationship is quite well and economically they now have the same goals and aspirations. This has come a long way since World War II and it is precisely what the European Coal and Steel Community was created for. With Germany and France leading the European Union economically, and with them having the same goals it is easy to see that policies they both want will most likely be enacted....
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