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Nathan Hoch POL 333 Dr. Mason Research Paper Summary This paper discusses the relationship of France and Germany since the end of World War  II.  This paper aims to discuss this relationship in the areas of economy, military, diplomacy,  culture, and national identity.  The challenges that these two countries faced regarding their  relationship with each other’s violent past are regarded.  This paper also shows that in most of  these areas France and Germany had created strong beliefs and alliances with one another However, it shows there are some other areas where these two nations have disagreements, but it  shows that compromises have been made and agreements are always reached.  All the 
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Unformatted text preview: compromises that have been reached come from the idea that these nations know that they are necessary for the well being of their individual countries and for Europe as a whole. This paper talks about how both of these countries are very European based and that is a common denominator for them to find agreements on different issues. All that was written in the paper ties into the fact that much of this relationship is based in the European Union, and that these two countries were the creators and leaders of that organization ....
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