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Financial Times Greek strike over bail-out reforms to professions Thursday, January 20, 2011 Journal 1 The Greek government is planning on spending large amounts of its bail-out money on opening over 150 closed shops ranging from taxi drivers to architects. This would obviously create many new jobs, but some groups are protesting because of this plan. Pharmacists are saying that if new shops are opened they will not be able to make a profit and will have to close. There are some however, that say more shops like pharmacies need to open because of the tremendously long waits people are having to go through to get medication. Lawyers and
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Unformatted text preview: engineers are also protesting because of cuts that have been made to payment in their jobs. This article shows the extreme disagreements the individual member states are having in terms of deciding what to do with the bail-out money they have received. No country in the European Union wants to see their money, that they had to give to the bail-out fund thrown away and without specific guidelines from the E.U. it seems as though the Greek government is having a very difficult spending that money in the right way that will positively affect the economy without putting it in other areas that will close other shops....
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