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POL 423 Journal 3

POL 423 Journal 3 - when it comes to benefitting the...

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Financial Times German growth sustains eurozone Saturday, January 22, 2011 Journal 3 The countries of Germany, France, and Belgium are experiencing unexpected economic growth, but the Germans especially are experiencing huge growth . Growth that some say is driving up all the economies in the European Union . France and Germany are trading a tremendous amount with each other and this makes people hope that this strong economic alliance will allow Germany to focus its exports to mostly Europe instead of exporting to Asia . This article is a great example of the incredibly great job the European Union is doing
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Unformatted text preview: when it comes to benefitting the economies of the member states . Germany is the largest country economic wise in the E .U. and that lead many to believe they would have to carry the slack from the smaller member states, but this article shows that what is happening in the European Union is really helping the German economy, which in turn, is truly helping all of the other member states economies, especially the ones in the eurozone ....
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