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POL 423 Journal 8 - the union during 2008 . This article...

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Financial Times Euro climbs amid prospect of imminent ECB rate rise Saturday , January 29, 2011 Journal 8 It is now very likely that the European Central Bank will raise interest rates to combat inflation . However , the euro is climbing and hit a two month high against the dollar. The euro and the yen have both risen in respect to other national currencies . For now , the euro is holding up against the sureness that the interest rates are going to be risen and that fact is a strong sign that the member states of the European Union are recovering from the debt crisis that engulfed
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Unformatted text preview: the union during 2008 . This article really shows the strength of the euro , with it climbing to high status against the dollar with the prospect of raised interest rates really shows that the euro , while some questions concerning debts of the states in its zone , is doing extremely well as a common currency . Many experts , thought that there would have to be a change for the euro to stay as strong as it had been and this article shows that may not need to be the case ....
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