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Financial Times E.U. looks to break high energy dependence on Russia Thursday, February 3, 2011 Journal 11 The European Union and Russia have had energy standoffs in the past and since the last one two years ago the E.U. spent a great deal of money trying to solve that problem. Some of that problem is with the physical piping, and a large amount of the money the E.U. spent went towards laying new pipe. There was also a great deal of the fund spent on connectors, these are necessary to keep there from being a problem with the security of the supply. There is a problem the E.U. is running into concerning the energy sectors of the member states, the states do not
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Unformatted text preview: want to loosen their power on these sectors and the E.U. believes it’s time for more Europeanization of energy policy. Russia has always been a question when it comes to whether they will help or hurt the E.U., and in the past it was fairly clear that Russia and the E.U. were not getting along very well. With the new funds helping to make the E.U. more independent relations may improve. However, this did not come at great cost to the Europeans, cost which they would have rather spent on something else, but time will only tell to whether it was money well spent....
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