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Financial Times Brussels stands by wider EFSF scope Tuesday, February 8, 2011 Journal 14 European leaders had been preparing to commit themselves to an overhaul of the eurozone’s 440 billion euro bail-out fund that would increase its lending power and give it more tools to tackle the debt crisis. The European Union plans to expand so the fund will be able to purchase bonds of other countries. This all came from a draft that was written at draft summit, but the draft did not win the support of the European leaders for the changes in the summit. The failure to support the changes came from a simple sentence that addressed the “flexibility” of the funds. Many nations like the Netherlands and Germany did not agree on the wording, but others
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Unformatted text preview: said that changing the wording could produce negative effects on the markets. This article raises awareness about the European Union. If these countries cannot agree even on wording in a plan that is necessary to help the Union, how is the E.U. going to handle questions that are much more difficult than this? Like how to solve the problem of the economically weaker governments? Are the economic requirements for the European Union too dramatic for many of the smaller countries economies to handle? These are all questions this article has brought to the light and these are issues the EU will need to be seriously looked at and solved in order to continue the dream that so many countries in the EU have of a united Europe....
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