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POL 423 Journal 15

POL 423 Journal 15 - one another This article reveals a...

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Financial Times Online London and Paris near defence accord Wednesday, February 9, 2011 Journal 15 This article discusses the plan that the French and British are talking about to share aircraft with each other. By the end of this decade both nations will only have one capable aircraft carrier each and to maximize the use of both of them they have decided to share with each other. The aircraft carriers are the centerpiece of the talks but there are many other defence co-operations that are being talked about. The article also talks about how the British and the French pushed for co-operation in 1998 but that basically ended with a disagreement over the Iraq war. The author says that this plan has more substance to it because both nations are going through major budget cuts and they will lose capabilities if they do not share their hardware with
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Unformatted text preview: one another. This article reveals a couple different reasons why this story ties in to European politics. With these nations sharing military equipment and personnel, it will make it easier to coordinate a common army for the European Union, which is a major goal that France and Britain are trying to achieve. This is a major area that needs to be addressed before the EU can try to become a federal union, and this greatly puts this issue on the table. This also shows that unless something changes the European Union is becoming very pricy for the large member states and that major budget cutting policies are needing to be enacted to try to stabilize the spending that comes with having a common currency with other nations....
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