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POL 423 Round 2 Journal 1 - past of bringing these two...

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Financial Times Northern nations attack EU over budget April 21, 2011 Journal 1 The European Union’s top budget official unveiled a plan to raise EU spending to 132.7 billion euros, which is an increase of almost 5 percent. This moved sparked controversy and resistance almost immediately. Most of the resistance came from Great Britain and other Northern countries. David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, is trying to reign in the EU budget and sees this as a very counterproductive measure in doing that. He is also trying to get France and Germany on board with resisting this proposal, which he has had success in the
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Unformatted text preview: past of bringing these two other major players to side with him on economic spending reduction. This article is significant because it shows the larger picture of the struggle for complete European integration. The countries are still maintaining their sovereignty and resisting the pressure that is being put on them from the EU in this financial struggle. This also shows that a lot of the time, the United Kingdom does not really agree with the economic matters of the EU, and are often one of the loudest voices in resisting certain proposals that may affect the British economy....
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