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Financial Times Brown’s hopes for IMF buried April 20, 2011 Journal 3 Gordon Brown, the former Prime Minister of Great Britain, had aspirations of being the next funds chief for the International Monetary Fund. The current funds chief will most likely resign in the summer so he can run for the presidency of France as a Socialist. However, the current Prime Minister, David Cameron, has said that he does not think Brown would do the job well and this has greatly diminished the reality of him obtaining the job. The IMF lends a great deal of money to European economies, so that increases the likely hood that a new chief will have European ties. This article shows significance for a couple of reasons.
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Unformatted text preview: The first being that even though this article discusses nothing about the European Union, it shows that there is still a great deal of European integration going on in other organizations that is making it easier in the EU. This is seen through many of the European countries having to work together on these monetary issues. The second reason this article is significance is that it is showing the growing power Europe is achieving in the world through economic matters. They have always had power but it seemed as though they took somewhat of a back seat the last 60 years behind the United States, but I think this shows that they may be working their way to the top again....
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