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POL 423 Round 2 Journal 4 - IMF This article shows that...

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Financial Times Athens faces fight in selling 50bn euros of assests April 20, 2011 Journal 4 Greece has decided to continue with its plan to privatize some of its economy. This is an effort by the Greek government to gain back credibility and further stabilize the Greek markets. This plan is meeting heavy resistance however. Major unions in Greece have vowed to oppose the selling of companies, claiming they don’t want their companies in the hands of people that don’t have Greece’s interests in mind. These reforms are seen as necessary by most of those in the government, because of the situation where Greece had to be bailed out by the EU and the
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Unformatted text preview: IMF. This article shows that countries in Europe that are struggling such as Greece, Portugal, and Ireland have had to make and still need to make major reforms to stabilize their economies. In a way the major countries in the EU are heavily burdened by bailing out these weaker countries, but they are also presented unique opportunities to invest in the companies of these countries at a very low price. So in a way the countries that have to spend the most are granted the most opportunity when it comes to expanding their economies by investing in other ones....
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