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Financial Times France in outburst over Libya campaign April 13, 2011 Journal 5 France has been criticizing the United States and NATO for not playing more of a role in the Libyan crisis. France feels that much of the burden is on them and Great Britain, but that NATO is falling through on its promise to lead the action against Gaddafi. The U.S. has mostly dropped out of the scene in this action, which is frustrating France, because they were hoping the U.S. would at least keep some fighter planes in the no fly zone. Britain has also somewhat criticized NATO by saying they wish more of the members would take action to help lessen the burden that is on these major European powers.
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Unformatted text preview: This article is extremely significant, it shows a lot of tension between the major European military powers and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which is where almost all of the military action Europe is involved in happens through. This is important because it shows the increased need for the European Union to fully create a common defense force that can be deployed when Europe thinks its interests are at stake. This article makes it seem that NATO and European interests are not coinciding and that is frustrating Europe, so in the future these disagreements will continue and a common defense for the European Union will come about....
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