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Financial Times UK and France isolated in action April 15, 2011 Journal The title of this article describes the situation fairly well. The United Kingdom and France are taking the bulk of the attacks to the Gaddafi regime, and they say that they are in dire need of support from NATO. However, it does not look like NATO is going to take much more of a role in helping the rebels, mainly because the United States has mostly done all it wants to do, and has left most of the ground work up to the European countries. The British and French feel like if they cannot get more support they do not know if they will be able to contain Gaddafi’s forces in the long run.
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Unformatted text preview: This article shows that there is an extreme need for the EU to fully create and equip a common defense force that can go out and perform the tasks that the EU sees necessary to maintain peace. They can no longer just rely on NATO because their interests are going different ways. This also shows that the EU still has quite a way to go in creating this force and getting it to the point where they can easily deploy it. This force is necessary for the well being of the member states, instead of just one or two going in and performing the operations the burden is distributed amongst the members....
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