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POL 423 Round 2 - If these countries cannot agree even on wording in a plan that is necessary to help the Union how is the E.U going to handle

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Financial Times Europe wary of rethink over Irish bail-out March 1, 2011 Journal Many of the Northern European countries, such as Germany and Finland are not looking to change the interest rates on the Irish bail-out package, but the Irish government is. Ireland does not think it is unreasonable to lower the interest rate to a rate that is more comfortable with the Irish government and people. Despite some of the hostility there are still talks about maybe changing the bail-out package as a whole, because the idea behind the bail-out funds is to help get the economies back on their feet not put them in a situation that is harder for them. This article raises awareness about the European Union.
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Unformatted text preview: If these countries cannot agree even on wording in a plan that is necessary to help the Union, how is the E.U. going to handle questions that are much more difficult than this? Like how to solve the problem of the economically weaker governments? Are the economic requirements for the European Union too dramatic for many of the smaller countries economies to handle? These are all questions this article has brought to the light and these are issues the EU will need to be seriously looked at and solved in order to continue the dream that so many countries in the EU have of a united Europe....
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