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Financial Times ECB hint on rate rise jolts markets March 4, 2011 Journal The ECB is going to raise the interest rates next month says speculation. This speculation shows a much more aggressive stance on inflation then says the United States is taking. This has raised the euro sharply. This is in contrast to what the United States and the United Kingdom which are taking much less aggressive stances on inflation. The euro has grown .5 percent against the dollar and .83 percent against the sterling. This article shows an interesting case of the European Union members comparing outside of the E.U. and showing how it solves problems.
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Unformatted text preview: The process in the E.U. for legislation is seen as very slow, and many think situations such as the economic crisis would cause major problems for the EU and the euro, so going outside the E.U. and comparing how they tackle this matter with say, the United States shows they were much faster indeed. Although, there is another interesting side to this story, that this economic policy will only encompass the eurozone members, and that seems to create two different types of E.U. members, that experience different participation in certain matters....
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