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POL 423 Round 2 Journal 20

POL 423 Round 2 Journal 20 - deal of effort will have to...

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Financial Times Bail-out fund set for wider powers February 24, 2011 Journal European leaders are preparing to commit themselves to an overhaul of the eurozone’s 440 billion euro bail-out fund that would increase its lending power and give it more tools to tackle the debt crisis. This all comes from a draft that was written at draft summit. The European Union plans to expand so the fund will be able to purchase bonds of other countries. However, as it usually tends to be on economic issues, France and Germany are at a disagreement over the flexibility the fund should have. The summit draft did not say specifically how the fund can be overhauled and that revisions still need to be made. This overhaul idea comes into being as more economists believe Spain, even though they are putting forth a great
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Unformatted text preview: deal of effort, will have to receive bail-out money. This article again shows that with the common currency, abreast such a huge aray of nations across the wealth scale is bringing concern to a lot of people. Germany is being greatly affected by the poor economies of some of the eurozone nations. At least that is the scare many of the wealthier and larger nations, except France, that has always had an aggressive bail-out plan. The wealthier nations fear that the poorer economies are going to damage the euro and because of this belief they are planning on giving bailout money to many more of these nations, like Spain....
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