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ERs Move to Speed Care summary

ERs Move to Speed Care summary - Our health system is...

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“ERs Move to Speed Care; Not Everyone Needs a Bed” Article Notes Overcrowded, long wait times, get fed up and leave without treatment ERs are adopting “lean-management principles” to increase efficiency, cut costs, and provide better service o Reserve beds for the sickest patients o Staff ER with less-costly providers (nurse practitioners, assistants) so more expensive ER doctors can focus on patients, not paperwork Post wait times online so patients know where the shortest wait times are Call patients back to come in if they leave without treatment Number of primary doctors is declining More uninsured patients are showing up in the ER – requiered by law to be treated
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Unformatted text preview: Our health system is failing if people are getting up and leaving before being treated o In CA, 20.3% of patients leave without being seen. o Low-income rates, poor insurance $450,000 in revenue is lost if 1% of patients leave without being seen qTrack was designed to rely more on providers like assistants for less-ill patients. They get a “quick look” evaluation in 3-5 min o developed after Katrina these changes have doubled capacity in the unit and cut costs per patient visit in half. Average wait time is 33 minutes and leaving rate has dropped Door to Doc program: model hospitals used to match staffing leavels to peak-demand periods...
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