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Hazard of the Trade summary - About 1/5 of bankers leave...

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“Hazard of the Trade: Bankers’ Health” Wall Street Journal Investment bankers suffer from stress, personal and emotional problems that escalate into full-blow crisis, etc. Work more than 100 hours/week in your first year, then about 80 hours/week during the second year Arrive at 6am, leave around midnight By the 4 th year, many bankers were a mess o Sleep deprivation o Allergies o Substance addictions o Long-term health conditions “perks” such as carry out food and car service blurred the lines between work and life Waking up every morning and wishing the day before was just a mad nightmare
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Unformatted text preview: About 1/5 of bankers leave the profession Bankers are at a higher risk for burnout and mental-health problems due to the volatility in their profession ¼ had clinical depression – more than 3x the rate among general population They resort to “depersonalization”, a feeling of numbness toward the rest of the world o Often use Adderall or Ritalin There’s a reason you don’t find a lot of old investment bankers...
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