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Tim Melley – Why Fiction Matters (March 12, 2012) There are many different reasons to study fiction – to escape, change reality, become more creative, etc. The reason I most enjoy fiction can be exemplified through geopolitical melodramas. These shows and movies present an external threat, or a terrorist, and an internal threat, such as a large security system of the United States. Something all geopolitical melodramas have in common is the idea of narcissism. In the movies and television shows discussed in the lecture, the focus is always on innocent American citizen and the problem is always caused by an outside force. This theme depicts the idea that we are a nation that is only concerned with ourselves. Using fiction to tell stories about modern political issues through geopolitical melodramas causes us to think and react in a particular way.
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Unformatted text preview: We can relate the issues seen depicted by Hollywood as a way to cope with what is going on in the real world. For example, in the movie Salt , Angelia Jolie plays a CIA agent who is framed to be working for the enemy. This causes us viewers to doubt our officials and political personnel. If we cant even trust people within our own government, how can we ever feel safe?. .. its these kinds of storylines that make us think and question what we know. I really enjoyed Professor Melleys lecture because it caused me to view these types of stories in an entirely new light. Its true we dont exactly know what is real and what is made up about our government, but keeping it a secret is almost part of what makes it so special....
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