lab1045_exp11 - Experiment 11: Halogen Reactions Chemistry...

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Experiment 11: Halogen Reactions Chemistry 1045L- Purpose: This lab was conducted to learn if two chemicals will react before they are mixed. The purpose of the lab was to allow for the demonstration of the electronegativity of the halogens. This lab also generates the theory of solubility and polarity as a characteristic due to the compounds electronegativity. Also, the purpose of this lab is to demonstrate
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that not all experiments will have measureable results. I conducted the experiment with the sodium salts and Kimberly Raub used the potassium salts. Procedure: The procedure was followed by the guidelines at this link: . I did not deviate from the procedure. Data: Solubility tests Elements Solubility Results Observations Soluble White crystals (NaCl) dissolved in water leaving only clear liquid Insoluble White crystals (NaCl) did not dissolve in water leaving a clear liquid and the white crystals Soluble Two liquids gold color and clear (Hexane) made two layers one pink and one gold Soluble Two different layers both clear because of different densities Soluble Two clear layers Electronegativity Elements Involved Observations Three layers: top layer was pink, middle layer was murky yellow, and the bottom layer was clear; chlorine was more electronegative
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lab1045_exp11 - Experiment 11: Halogen Reactions Chemistry...

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