lab_exp11 - 0.445-42.94-42.209-0.0179 298...

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Experiment 11: Electrochemistry Chemistry 1046L-
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Purpose: The purpose of this lab was to learn how to construct and operate a potential cell. This lab also taught how to calculate the Nernst equation as well as the Gibbs Free Energy, Enthalpy, and Entropy of cells. In addition, this lab reinforced basic measuring techniques. Procedure: There were no changes to the procedure. Dillon, Stephanie. “Electrochemistry.” CHM1046L Online Manual . Fall 2011. 21 September 2011. < > Data: Cell Cell Potential Literature Values Percent Error Mg/Cu (V) 1.371 2.89 52.5% Al/Cu (V) 0.654 1.91 65.8% Mg/Pb (V) 0.954 2.24 57.4% Mg/Fe (V) 0.924 2.33 60.0% Fe/Pb (V) 0.0089 0.094 90.5% Al/Pb (V) 0.023 1.53 98.5% Fe/Cu (V) 0.51 0.196 160% Fe/Cu Temp (K) Cell Potential (V) ΔG (kJ/mol) K ΔH (kJ/mol) ΔS (J/mol) 283
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Unformatted text preview: 0.445-42.94-42.209-0.0179 298 0.542-52.30-42.209-0.0179 328 0.516-49.79-42.209-0.0179 343 0.472-45.54-42.209-0.0179 Calculations: Conclusion: The ΔG, K, ΔH, and ΔS values were calculated to be -42.94 kJ/mol, , -42.2 J/mol, and -.0179 J/mol respectively. The ΔH was found by calculating the y-intercept of the graph and the ΔS was found by calculating the slope of the graph. The values observed were very far off from the literature values. Contamination or improper use of the voltmeter could have resulted in errors in finding the values. A watt is the SI unit of power equivalent to one joule per second. This relates to the potential of a battery because each watt corresponds to the power circuit in which the potential difference is one volt and the current one ampere....
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lab_exp11 - 0.445-42.94-42.209-0.0179 298...

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