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Quiz 1 Study guide (This is a short quiz: 12 points) Familiarize yourself with the following terms 1. Reference parallel – equator, zero degrees 2. Meridians (Longitudes) – divide the globe from pole to pole 3. Parallels (latitudes) – divide the globe crosswise into rings 4. Great circle – created when a plane passing through the center of the earth intersects with the Earth’s surface. It bisects the globe in to two equal halves. Meridians are halves of Great Circles. 5. Small circle – created when a pane passing through the earth, but not through the Earth’s
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Unformatted text preview: center, and intersects the Earth’s surface. Parallels (Except for the equator) are small circles. 6. Contour lines – isolines, joins points of equal elevation a. rivers/streams – contour lines angle towards rivers and streams forming a “V” that points upstream 7. Small scale maps – Less detail, zoomed out, smaller scale ratio ie: 1/1,000,000 8. large scale maps – Greater detail, zoomed in, larger scale ratio ie: 1/25,000...
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