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Math 432/532 Optimization Spring 2012 Time and place: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 4:10-5:00 Bachelor Hall, Room 219 Instructor: Doug Ward (email [email protected]), 204 Bachelor Hall Office hours: MWF 10-11, 2-3; TR 11-1 or by appointment Phone number: 529-3534 Text(s): The Mathematics of Nonlinear Programming by Peressini, Sullivan, and Uhl is at the bookstores and will be on reserve at Brill Science Library. Prof. Brezhneva’s notes are available at the Oxford Copy Shop. Prof. Wright’s notes are posted at the course Niihka site. Prerequisites: Math 222 and 252 Grades will be based on a) three exams worth 100 points each, to be given on Feb. 8, Mar. 14, and Apr. 11.
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Unformatted text preview: b) homework assignments worth a total of 150 points. Assignments are due at 5 PM on the due date. There is a 10% per day penalty for late homework. Please acknowledge any outside sources, including other students. Please write legibly and leave plenty of room for my comments. c) a comprehensive final exam worth 150 points, given in Bachelor 219 at 3 PM on Tuesday, May 2. Grading scale: 90-100 A 74-77 B-58-61 D + 86-89 A-70-73 C + 54-57 D 82-85 B + 66-69 C 50-53 D-78-81 B 62-65 C-...
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