Lecture1ASTJan5_1 - AST1002 Lecture 1 Planets Stars and...

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1 Heirloom Ultimate Star Kit Name a Star, that's right, an actual star! t t i lS t R it i t International Star Registry is your star naming resource! What do you get for the person who has everything? $489.00 International Star Registry ® star naming is not recognized by the scientific community. Your stars name is reserved in International Star Registry ® records only. AST1002 Lecture 1 Planets, Stars and Galaxies Web Site: Blackboard=> campus.fsu.edu Textbook: Astronomy, A beginner’s guide to the Universe, Chaisson and McMillan; Publisher: Pearson/Prentice Hall 6 th Edition Prof. Brooks - office 616 Keen (5-0037) Condensed Matter Experimentalist Physics/NHMFL t th i t i t t ! But……very enthusiastic amateur astronomer! Office hours: 10:00 – 3:00 Monday and Wednesday Lab NHMFL - 4-2836 - Has an answering machine Email: [email protected] (Put “Astro” in subject line!) (be sure to leave a contact # if you have a detailed question) Today: Overview of the course Textbook Syllabus Quizzes Homework ectures Lectures Exams Chapter “0” – Intro These documents are in the Syllabus section of Blackboard
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2 Homework: 20 % of grade. Each HW may have a different number of questions, so it is the total number of correct answers that will count. HW posted on the Bb site under Assignments . Typically, you will have three tries at each HW set, and they are typically due by Sunday night at 11:55 pm. Fire Fox works better than IE. Don’t leave sessions open! Either Save or Submit. I will try to post the entire HW set for the semester. There will be closing dates for each HW set, after which the key will be available. In principle, ou could do them all arly in the semester ut not all of them the last week! you could do them all early in the semester, but not all of them the last week! HW 0 is already on Blackboard. Quizzes: 10% of the grade. Quizzes will also be on Blackboard, and typically you will only have one attempt at them. There will be on average one per week, due on Wednesdays at 11:55 pm. Quiz 0 is already on Blackboard. Midterm Exams: 40% of grade. There will be two midterm exams (multiple hi i ll 30 t 40 ti ) h th 20% choice- typically 30 to 40 questions) each worth 20%. Midterm #1 – Feb. 16; Midterm #2 – March 30. Final Exam: 30% of grade. (multiple choice- typically 50 questions + 5 extra credit questions for the reading assignment.) CUMULATIVE April 26, 12:30 – 2:30 pm, HCB 101 Reading materials: Articles from the scientific and popular literature will occasionally be added to the reading materials folder in the Bb library. Generally, questions from these articles can appear as extra credit questions on the midterm and final exams, and announcements about which articles are important for a particular exam will be made prior to the exam date. Attendance, excuses and make-ups:
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Lecture1ASTJan5_1 - AST1002 Lecture 1 Planets Stars and...

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