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Assignment descriptions - Rob Stephens Spring 2012 ENC...

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Rob Stephens Spring 2012 ENC 1142-04/13   Participation (5%): Active participation will be crucial in this class. We will be doing a lot of reading of poetry and articles about seriously funny poems outside of class, and I expect you to come to class prepared to talk about those readings. I don’t generally give quizzes, but I will be giving one announced quiz this semester; but otherwise my way of telling if you read is by whether you are able to comment intelligently on the readings due for that day. That quiz will be worth 1/5 of your participation grade. You will be able to take this quiz more than once if you are not satisfied with your grade. I expect this classroom to become an open place for discussion about poetry. I know that discussing poetry may be intimidating to you, but this class will give you the tools you need to talk about it. Even if you are generally a quiet student, I expect you to talk once every class . Hearing different perspectives on poetry will broaden everyone’s ideas, including my own, about poetry, so please present your own perspective. Bring your comments and questions about poems and poetry to class. Your class participation grade can and will suffer if you are caught disturbing class by any of the following methods: chatting with other students at inappropriate times, texting or using a cellphone, not coming to class with your books , using sexist / racist / homophobic / ignorant/bigot-like/etc. language, etc. Finally, a part of your participation grade is class attendance . You cannot participate if you do not attend.
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Workshops/Online Postings/Group Work (10%): Throughout the semester, you will be required to bring drafts for workshop, to participate in workshops, to post online, and to participate in group work. The section is similar to participation, but it accounts for making sure you complete all those tasks. Therefore, points will be subtracted every time you miss a workshop, fail to post online for a workshop, or miss a group conference. Your online postings will also be graded for their word length and diligence. Bits Journal (10%) The Bits Journal is a binder or folder used only for this class, please , to store things you type or handwrite in class or at home. Throughout the semester, I will assign you between 15-25 Journals to do in class and at home to help you brainstorm and organize ideas for poems and papers. I will assign you a word count for at home responses (which should be typed) and a page length for in class handwritten journals. Please label each journal with your name, the assignment number, and the word count (if typed). The point of these journals is twofold: (1) to encourage you each to write and have fun
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Assignment descriptions - Rob Stephens Spring 2012 ENC...

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