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What is a Process Memo?? Well, a process memo is what the name implies – a memo about the process. That is, when I ask you to write a process memo, I mean that I want you to reflect on what its was like to complete the project, and then write about it. What was the hardest/easiest part? What parts did you enjoy/dislike? What did you learn from writing? What exercises, whether in class or outside of class, helped you most to write your paper?
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Unformatted text preview: What other help could you have used or did you get outside of class? Why did you choose the topic you chose? How did you come upon your thesis? Thats a process memo. If you are writing a process memo about a poem, address the decisions you made: what type of form did you use? Why that line length? What themes did you find emerging in your work? etc. That is all....
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