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Assignment 10 1.The primary stakeholder groups in this case are employers, employees, and communities 2. Employers’ stake is to make profits Employee’s stake is to have a secured job, a fair pay Community’s stake is to secure a certain employment in local community 3. There might be legal issues such as regulatory law, including anti-trust and civil rights because the job opportunity is not equal to white people and minorities. The ethical issue is buying influence, give the customer the trend of model to influence their buying
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Unformatted text preview: decisions. 4. white, well-muscled, good looking. It is not discriminatory, but it is stereotype. 5. they can come up with certain ruling about how the employee are qualified so that before interview, the candidates know if they are proper or not. 6. acquiring customer: on the process to take actions to attract more customers a&f uses the promotion method, advertising creating value: create the merchant value by add value for the merchant. A&F add information that good look on the merchant....
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