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assignment 12 - Grassroot opponents they act as society to...

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1. Summarize who the stakeholders are and what their interests are in the case from GE's  perspective.  2. Are the stakeholders' interests in conflict? If so, how? 3. Should GE take the community’s opinions into account? How do they do that? Which part  of the community should they listen to? 4. What is the role of the government in this case? 5. How would you apply Friedman’s theory to analyze this case? 6. Would using Freeman’s stakeholder framework lead you to a different conclusion than  your previous answer? If so, how? 7. Which business processes do you have evidence of in this case 1. EPA, they act as society. They regulate GE for a better cleaned river.
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Unformatted text preview: Grassroot opponents, they act as society to have a better community. Environmental groups, society, they want a better environment. 2. yes, they have a conflict on whether PCBs are bad or not and whether the river needs cleaning. 3. GE should take the community’s opinion into account, but not every thing. They should listen to protect the Hudson river and might not clean it because the river can heal itself. 4. the government works as regulator in front of society. 5.the river can heal itself. 6. we should consider the benefit of all stake holders, as a result, GE should clean the river. 7. creating value...
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