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TO: BUS 101 Students Date: 8/22/2011 FROM: Mr. Rollins SUBJECT: BUS 101 – Grading Papers We are only a day into the semester and I am already behind. In addition to reading the syllabus, I need your help grading the following assignment from last semester. DO NOT WORK TOGETHER ON HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED TO TURNITIN. Please read the attached case and the three student responses (on the following pages) for the case. Before 11:55 AM on Wednesday, August 24th, submit your short individual written answers to the three questions below to the turnitin assignment posted on our class Niihka site (see me if you have questions). Part of all homework assignments is to submit them to Turnitin before the deadline. I don’t accept emails or late homework. Asking for an exception will result in a negative grade for the assignment instead of a zero. Don’t wait until the last minute to do this assignment. Come prepared to discuss your answers to the three questions below. 1. Rank the three student papers from strongest to weakest based on the quality of critical thinking skills used in each paper and support your ranking. 2. What would you do if you were the decision maker, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), in this case? 3. For the weaker papers, what do you think could be causing the poor critical thinking ? 1
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2 Segment Reporting Case You are the CFO of a company that went public 11 months ago via an initial public offering (IPO). The company is currently owned 30 percent by the public and 70 percent by management and the founding family. You have just received a notice from the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) that your company's segment reporting is inadequate. The SEC argues that you should separately report a segment for each of the two product lines your company manufactures and markets. Product Line Background: Your company's current segment reporting is limited to one line-of-business consisting of two product lines. Your company has been manufacturing and marketing product line A since the inception of the company. The second product line (B) was a direct outgrowth of product line A. The product lines: * Are developed based on the same technologies, patents and engineering support. * Have similar manufacturing processes, are manufactured in the same manufacturing plant, and have 85% of the same component parts. * Are integrated into your customers' machines, which are in turn sold to their end users to enhance the end users' production throughput. * Require that your engineers work closely with the engineers of your customers to ensure your product can be effectively integrated into their machines. * Have a global market and require a significant amount of after-sales service that is a very profitable business * Are stored and shipped out of the same warehouse * Are sold to customers who are classified in the same industry and have been assigned the same SIC code. * Have different sales forces since the customers of each product line sell to very different
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Grading+Papers+Assignment - TO: FROM: SUBJECT: BUS 101...

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