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inland_Bank assignment - protected and to ensure that the...

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Jiyu Song Robert Rollins Bus 101 8/29/11 Inland Bank Assignment The term stakeholder refers to persons and groups that affect, or are affected by, an organization’s decisions, policies and operations. In this case, the stakeholders are Amy Miller who is the manager of strategic planning for retail banking operations at Inland National Bank, local neighborhoods in Rockdale and North Madison, the senior executive in charge of INB’s business strategy, employees of North Madison Branch, INB’s CEO, a local television station in Rockdale, several city officials, Sheila Thomas, and the governor. Amy’s interest is to maintain stable employment in firm, receive fair pay for work and work in safe, comfortable environment. Local neighborhoods’ interest can be divided into two categories. As customers, they want to receive fair exchange: value and quality for money spent and receive safe, reliable service from INB. As local communities, their interest is to employ local residents in the company, ensure that the local environment is
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Unformatted text preview: protected and to ensure that the local area is developed. The interest of employees in INB is the same as Amy’s. As a media, the television station’s interest is to keep the public informed on all issues relevant to their health, well-being, and economic status and to monitor company actions. The interest for city officials, Sheila Thomas and the governor is to promote economic development, encourage social improvements and to raise revenues through taxes. The case is about different stakeholders of INB react respectively when INB comes out with changes. Each stakeholder reacts to pursue his or her own interest. Employees always want sustainable jobs; neighborhoods want to get service from the bank branch rather than ATMs, senior management wants to maximize INB’s profits and structures and government want the society develop stably....
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