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Jonathan Lebed Assignment - SEC’s stake is to monitor...

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1. If we regard that Jonathan Lebed did wrongly, that is because he creates over 20 screen  names to spread misleading information online so that he gains money from stock market.  If we regard that Jonathan Lebed did not do anything wrong. We can say that he does just  normal tricks some analyst will also do. We cannot say that this is guilty. 2. Stakeholder in this case are Jonathan Lebed, his parents, other stock buyers, SEC and  Michael Lewis. 3. Jonathan Lebed and other stock buyers’ stake is to gain more profit in stock market. Parents’ stake is to protect social values, minimize risks and to achieve prosperity for society.
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Unformatted text preview: SEC’s stake is to monitor company or individual’s actions and policies to ensure that they conform to legal and ethical standards, and they protect the public’s safety. Lewis’ stake is to monitor company or individual’s actions. 4.”Saying things that are not sure” to other stock buyers 5. From my perspective, this is an ethical issue, not a law problem. As a result, I do not think any law is broken in this case....
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