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1. The central issue in this case is whether or not employers should ban employees from smoking both in workplace and home. And the employees’ confronting with the unusual restrictions. 2.employees groups: Weyco bans employees from smoking customer: Weyco wants to offer better products through banning smoking. 3. employees want to have a safe place to work, job security and fairly paid customers want to buy safe and qualified products with fair price society wants development 4.economic prospective of employees is to make money
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Unformatted text preview: 5.for employees, they have legal rights to keep their privacy off work 6. not any ethical issues 7. I do not know. 8. employees have to stop smoking because smoking at workplace is banned by law. However, they can some have home because it is also their legal rights to keep privacy. 9. they can union together and make the union speak instead of them, or sue the company. 10. The government should be involved in employee perspective to protect their rights to smoke in privacy....
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