BUS 101 Syllabus - BUS 101: Foundations of Business...

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BUS 101: Foundations of Business Decision Making– Fall 2011 Section D, M/W/F, 12:45-1:35 PM, 1000 FSB Section E, M/W/F, 2:15-3:05 PM, 1000 FSB Section F, M/W/F, 3:20-4:10 PM, 1000 FSB Instructor: Mr. Robert Rollins Office: 3046 FSB Email: rollinrr@muohio.edu Phone: 529-0406 Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4:20- 5:20 PM in3046 FSB and by appointment Required Materials : - Text - Foundations of Business Decision Making, BUS 101 Luzadis, Barr, and Herron, custom published by McGrawHill, ISBN-10 0390286370 - In t eractive “Clicker” – TurningPoint ResponseCard NXR, XR, RF keypad, or a ResponseWare license. - Supplemental BUS 101 Case Book – available later in the semester. The mission of the Farmer School of Business is to be a premier business program that provides students with the life-long ability to acquire knowledge and translate it into responsible action in a competitive global environment. Toward that end, we seek to develop future professionals who will be critical thinkers with diverse perspectives and IT skills necessary to be effective and ethical communicators/decision makers in an increasingly complex and multicultural environment. Course Description: This course will explore how to make better decisions by considering multiple stakeholders, and provide an overview of the basic business processes used by companies. The focus will be on developing and applying critical thinking skills to typical business problems. Learning Objectives: 1. Learn to recognize major groups of stakeholders in business decision making. 2. Explore the ethical aspects of business situations and develop a framework for incorporating ethical, legal, and economic considerations to decision making. 3. Understand the four fundamental business processes: acquiring financial capital, managing human capital, acquiring customers, and creating value. 4. This class will give students the opportunity to practice general analytical skills and increase their comfort level in dealing with ambiguous and complex issues. Grading: Points Exam 1 75 15% Exam 2 85 17% Exam 3 100 20% Final Exam 120 24% Assignments 50 10% Attendance 20 4% Class Participation 50 10% 500 100% Course Letter Grade: Your final grade will be computed by dividing your total points in Blackboard by 500, multiplying by 100, and rounding to the nearest whole number (total points may change based on # of assignments). Grade Minimum Score A+ 97 A 93 A- 90 B+ 87 B 83 B- 80 C+ 77 C 73 C- 70 D+ 67 D 63 D- 60 F Less than 60 Please come in during office hours or make an appointment if you want to discuss your grades. For your privacy, I will not discuss grades by phone or email. Evening Exams: Exam 1 will be held on Monday, 9/19 from 7-9 PM in FSB 1000. Exam 2 will be held on Wednesday, 10/12 from 7-9 PM in FSB 1000. Exam 3 will be held on Monday, 11/7 from 7-9 PM in FSB 1000. The final exam is Monday, 12/12 from 5:30-7:30 PM in a room TBD . A “no-show on an exam is a zero for the exam.
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BUS 101 Syllabus - BUS 101: Foundations of Business...

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