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INLAND BANK REVISITED ASSIGNMENT What would Freidman and Freeman think? This assignment will concern thinking about two cases you’ve seen before from the perspective of Friedman and Freeman. Re-read the Inland Bank case. THERE IS NO WRITE UP DUE FOR THIS CASE, just come to class prepared to discuss your answers. The goals of this assignment are: 1) Practice critical (i.e. careful) thinking skills. 2) Practice applying what you’ve learned about Freeman’s stakeholder framework for business decision making. 3) Develop your understanding of Friedman’s free market theory of capitalism. 4) Practice applying what you’ve learned about Friedman’s theory to business decision making.
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Begin to develop points of comparison between Freemans and Friedmans frameworks. With these objectives in mind, be prepared to answer the following questions when they arise in class discussion. 1) Summarize who the stakeholders are and what their interests are in the case. 2) Are these interests in conflict? If so, how (i.e. describe the conflict)? 3) How would you apply Friedmans theory to determine whose interests should take precedence? 4) Would using Freemans stakeholder framework lead you to a different conclusion than your previous answer? If so, how?...
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