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1. Morton Thiokol is supplier for NASA. Boisjoly and Allan McDonald are employees of Morton  Thiokol. Lund is also employee to Morton Thiokol and supplier for NASA 2. Morton Thiokol’s stake is to offer safe products and have a fair profit. Boisjoly and Allen  McDonald’s stake is having a fair pay, meanwhile, offer professional knowledge to the company.  Lund’s stake is to make profits and offer safe service. 3. Lund is pursuing economic profits by launching challenger in an irregular temperature. Also it is  an ethical problem there is a conflict of interest. Boisjoly and Allen are whistle blowers.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Creating value business process because as long as challenger is launched, Morton Thiokol will have better reputation and profits. 5. NASA case would have a bad impact on creating value business process because after the case, Morton Thiokol would have a very bad reputation and would not make more profit and increase company value. 6. I would have strongly stop the launch no matter how much it cost. 7. Both Morton Thiokol and NASA...
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