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Name: Jiyu Frank Song Class: COM135 Sec.HL Outline of Persuasive Speech Topic Stop Shark Finning Specific Purpose At the end of the speech, the audience will understand the situation of sharks because of shark finning. They will be persuaded to pay more attention and take some actions on stopping the shark finning. General Purpose To persuade Introduction I am a scuba diver. In 2009, my father and I went to the Great Barrier Reefs, where I saw so many sharks swimming around me. Central Idea Shark finning is cruel and it will break the ecological stability. Preview I will talk about what is shark finning and the situation of sharks now. I will let people think of the world if we do not have shark any more. Body 1. What is shark finning? A. The definition of shark finning. B. The use and the market of shark fins 2. The situation of sharks A. In a few years, many shark species could become extinct.
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Unformatted text preview: B. Shark population has been declined over 90% 3. The consequences of declines in shark population A. Large shark species are ecological stabilizers. B. The decline of large shark species will decrease the number of shellfish and degrade the water quality. C. The decline of large shark species will increase the number of small sharks, rays and stakes. 4. Ways of preventing shark finning A. People do not consume shark fin soup. B. Many organizations need much help, especially financially. C. Social Network Conclusion I do not want that happen, that one day, there are not any more sharks in the undersea world. We need your attention and action on stopping shark finning in order to make a beautiful undersea world. Reference : http://www.stopsharkfinning.net/index.htm...
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jiyu song persuasive speech outline - B. Shark population...

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