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1. different stock number for each type 2. one customer order to involve several types of bells. Each customer order is processed by one salesperson ships the order to the customer and an invoice is immediately prepared. One shipping agents for each shipment. , each purchase order results in only one shipment. A shipment never includes goods ordered on more than one purchase order. 3. on account. partial payments on an invoice more than one invoice in one check. Cash receipts one cashiers. an employee table classification of employee that is involved in each event (e.g., salesperson, shipping
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Unformatted text preview: agent, and cashier). employee entity relationship. • An instance of salesperson cannot exist without a related employee. • An instance of salesperson can be related to only one employee. • An instance of employee can exist without a related salesperson . • An instance of employee can be related to only one salesperson. department entity. directly related to the employee entity. An employee is assigned to only one department at a time. A department cannot exist without an employee, and a department can be related to many employees....
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