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Database+Project+Part+I - ACC 361 Database Project Part I...

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ACC 361 Database Project Part I Boston Bells To be completed during class on Nov. 18, 2011 10 points (of the 40 assigned to this project) Boston Bells is a wholesale company that sells many types of bells to retailers. Product offerings include cowbells, sleigh bells, dinner bells, bicycle bells, and many other types of bells. Each type of bell has a different stock number (e.g., cowbell has stock number LCB100, sleigh bell has stock number LSB200). Boston has a staff of ten salespersons . Boston receives purchase orders from its customers. It is not unusual for one customer order to involve several types of bells . Each customer order is processed by one salesperson. The shipping department ships the order to the customer and an invoice is immediately prepared . One o f Boston’s shipping agents is responsible for each shipment . Although all goods ordered on a particular purchase order may not be available, each purchase order results in only one shipment . A shipment never includes goods ordered on more than one purchase order. All sales are made on account . Boston’s customers can make partial payments on an invoice .
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