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Database+Project+Part+II - ACC 361 Database Project Part...

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ACC 361 Database Project Part II—Team Portion Fall 2011-2012 Monday, December 5, 2011 Step 1 Create your database for Boston Bells based on the REA model provided (see Excel file). Include the last name of at least one team member in the name of the database. Create all tables and relationships. Create one employee table rather than a separate table for each employee classification. Each employee classification is included on the REA model because we need to know which classification of employee is involved with each event. Remember that when you post a foreign key in a table, the foreign key field must have the same data type and field size as field does in the table where the field is the primary key. Because the primary key values have a combination of text and numbers, use text as the data type for the primary keys (and foreign keys). Set up all dates with the Date/Time data type. After you have created the tables, open the relationship window and create the necessary relationships. Enforce referential integrity and check cascade update. Step 2 Enter the following data in the database. Departments : Enter the following 3 department and use the primary key values shown in parentheses. Sales (D1) Shipping (D2) Cashier (D3) Employees : Enter the following 7 employees. Use the employee number and department shown in parentheses. We are not including each employee’s address to reduce data-entry time. John Harrison (E1, Sales) Sarah Campbell (E2, Cashier) Carrie Ballinger (E3, Shipping) Robert Smith (E4, Shipping) Claire Middleton (E5, Sales) Ting Lou (E6, Cashier) Kevin Hernandez (E7, Sales) Kelly Lukens (E8,Shipping) Customers: Enter the following 5 customers. Use the customer number shown in parentheses. Make up a street address, city, state, and zip code for each customer. Celebrations, Inc. (C201) Benton Chimes (C202) Antique Restorations (C203) May Company (C204) Lexington Hardware (C205)
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Bank (Cash) Accounts: Enter the following 2 bank accounts. Use the account numbers shown parentheses. All accounts are at First Ohio National Bank.
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Database+Project+Part+II - ACC 361 Database Project Part...

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