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Elegant+Design - Elegant Design Elegant Designs sells...

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Elegant Design Elegant Designs sells specialty jewelry items to customers in southwestern Ohio. Each piece of jewelry is unique. Each piece is assigned a unique identification number for tracking purposes. The customers are jewelry stores specializing in very high quality jewelry. A salesperson takes an order from a customer. Each order can include one or more piece of jewelry. Each salesperson is assigned to certain customers. This assignment is made after the customers have been added to the database. The jewelry items are delivered to the customers by a salesperson usually within one week of receiving an order. An invoice accompanies the delivery. Items are not delivered without an order. An order can result in only one delivery. A delivery is related to only one order. Customers can make installment payments over a three-month period. A customer can pay on more than one invoice in a single payment. Although the vast majority of the
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