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Extra credit jiyu - more carefully in the mirror I need to know deeply about my strengths and myself After that I could set meaningful and

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I attended the speech brought by Gary R. Heminger, who is the president and the CEO of Marathon Petroleum. His topic was “Crude Oil Supply Changes in North America”. From my perspective, the most interesting section of his speech was the leadership section. He told us how to set up my goal and how can we achieve our goals by actions. I like this section so much because I got to learn the steps for setting up my goals. I always had a goal, which I wanted to try my best to achieve. However, I was confused sometime because I did not have the right methods to set up a goal. Mr Heminger suggested that we should choose goals carefully and before that, we should recognize our values and align the goals with our values. This gave me a great inspiration that I would try to see myself
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Unformatted text preview: more carefully in the mirror. I need to know deeply about my strengths and myself. After that, I could set meaningful and achievable goals and I would try my best to achieve my goals. What is more, I know that my goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timed. During different time period I would look back to check whether my goals are achieved or not. If achieved, I would go on to set up new goals to achieve. If not, I would try to find out what was wrong with my actions. I would fix my errors and continue to achieve my goals. If I could always achieve my goals, I would have a wonderful career and life. That is the most interesting part I got from the speech....
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