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ACC 361 Peachtree Project II Due Friday, November 4, 2011 at the Beginning of Class Turn in the items listed below. Prepare all of your answers using Microsoft Word . You do not need to use the answer sheets in the back of the Instructions and Assignments book for Problem 10-3. Include the following at the end of your answers: “By signing below, I certify that I have participated fully in the completion of this project.” Each team member who has fully participated in the project should sign below this statement. 1. Return to Waren Sports Supply. Attempt to pay Chicago Office Supplies $5,558 on December 31 for the laptops purchased at the end of December. The amount due is $4,558. Will Peachtree allow you to pay more than the amount owed? 2. How many footballs does Waren Sports Supply have on hand? Attempt to make a credit sale to Eastern Wisconsin University on December 31 for 100 more footballs than Waren has on hand. Will Peachtree allow you to save this transaction? Did you receive any “warning”
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Unformatted text preview: messages? Check the amount of footballs on hand again. 3. What is the difference between deleting and voiding a transaction in Peachtree? If you own all of the stock of Waren Sports Supply and Jim, Nancy, and Ray work for you, what control issues related to the delete function would concern you? 4. The following questions relate to Chapter 10 in the Instructions and Assignments book. Begin by reading Chapter 10. a. What is the difference between an access control and a processing control? b. What access rights does the administrator have? c. What is the difference between edit access and full access? d. Create the new user Marie Storms and restrict her access rights as described using the instructions on pages 10-6 10-9. Using the Control, Alt, and Print Screen keys, copy the User Security for Marie Storms screen (see page 10-9). Paste this into your Word Document. e. Prepare an answer for Problem 10-5....
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